5happy has been providing web services to successful companies and professionals since 1995. 5happy is not like other agencies:

  1. Our focus is our clients' business needs, not ours.

    We understand that we're not the ones who succeed or fail with what gets built, so we take great care to build it right. That includes planning ahead for extensibility, reduced maintenance and upgrade costs, site analytics, etc.

  2. We deliver large agency quality without the overhead and additional expense of large agency infrastructure.

    There is no reason why you should go through the account rep to talk to the project manager to talk to the engineer (and back again) to get your needs met and questions answered. We have worn all of the hats, time and time again, and do a fine job of getting the job done right. Just ask our references.

  3. Our principals complete the design, architecture and coding... always have, always will.

    There is no separation between the knowledge and experience of the team and those managing the process or communicating with the client; they are one and the same.

At the core of our relationships with our clients is excellent and highly responsive customer service. We are known for setting appropriate expectations, and then exceeding those expectations. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our feedback and recommendations.

Let us help you take it to the next level... measure twice, cut once!


bruce linde
bruce linde

5 Happiness Webmaster founder Bruce Linde brings a breadth and depth of web project knowledge and experience to the table.

Bruce's technical leadership skills are based on first-hand experience with all of the various disciplines and processes required to create an effective web presence, from designer to developer, stakeholder to back-end coder, production resource to team leader.

His cross-discipline strengths allow him to work directly and effectively with designers, programmers, stakeholders, and other key project resources... making him a truly unique and invaluable resource for any web project; USWeb nicknamed him "the cleaner" for repeated rescues of troubled projects and turnarounds of unhappy clients.

Every successful web project requires the right knowledgeable and experienced resources. When the occasion merits, 5happy partners with other developers, designers, and marketing specialists to insure that our clients' expectations are set properly, and then exceeded!

Please contact us with any questions, or for a complimentary analysis of your website and/or website needs!