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The importance of security and peace of mind for you and your clientele can not be overstated.

In the ground-breaking case that caused the FBI to create a task force to deal with online crime, they eventually tracked break-ins at major websites and networks to a teenaged hacker who spent hours sitting in bed, trying method after method to get in the door... and succeeding more times than not based on effort and lax security, rather than technical skill.

Is your mission-critical business data backed up? Behind locked doors?

Are you using dumb passwords such as 'password' or 'admin'? There are readily available scripts on the Internet that work their way through alphanumeric combinations until they find the ones that work; they can go through hundreds of thousands of combinations far faster than you might think.

5happy will help you identify and address your particular security needs.

Please contact us with any questions, or for a complimentary analysis of your website and/or website needs!



“I highly recommend Bruce and 5happy! Our project progressed quickly and was smooth throughout. Bruce added some very good insight to the development process and we are already planning our next project with him. ”

Shannon Jean, Founder
TechRestore, ReBound Trading, BuyBack+


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custom time-tracking for employees and managers, content management, hosting
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website redesign, search, content management
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site clean-up and visual design refresh to tide the client over until a 2014 site redesign
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site refresh for a networking group, with improved usability and custom content management

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