In the early days, websites were 'brochure-ware'... full-color backlit marketing tools available 24x7.

Databases are used to manage content on 'smarter' and more complex websites.

Site administrators can add/edit/delete mission-critical content to the site, by logging into a password-protected administrative area. Up-to-date information is stored in the database, and provided by the website.

Imagine that the information for each product is stored in a database: product_name, product_description, product_price, product_shipping_weight, etc. When the website needs to display the products, it essentially queries the database, saying "show me all the current, in-stock products"... and formats the results on the fly.

The database doesn't really care if there are three products, or 3,000.

Good database design is essential; 5happy specializes in delivering highly customized database-driven websites.

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